Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pipes, Drums, and Bands Oh My!

I think the music is one of the things I miss most about not going to the Portland Highland Games for so many years. My CD's from previous years only take me so far.

Mark thinks I'm crazy. Maybe it's just my Scottish blood. But whatever it is, there is nothing like the sound of bagpipes to me. I get chills, in a good way, my blood starts pumping, and sitting still is impossible. I want to dance a Highland Fling -- of course, I'd need to learn how first -- or at the very least tap my foot.

I love the music. Not just the pipes and marching bands people associate with the Highland Games but the traditional Celtic sound.

One of the specialized music acts was Men of Worth. Below is a sample of their sound. I'm kinda kicking myself now that I didn't pick up one of their CDs at the Games.


K.M. Weiland said...

Looks like a blast! It's hard to beat Celtic music - especially the tunes that take a Scottish twist.

Sherri said...

I agree completely :) nothing beats Celtic music! It was a great time.

Thanks for stopping by!

Fresh Garden said...

Wonderful! Terrific!

Sherri said...

Thanks Fresh Garden. Glad you stopped by.