Wednesday, December 8, 2010


That boy had his first band concert last night.

The three classes of beginning band was the first third of the program followed by the intermediate band and advanced band.  Over 280 students all total.  (And that doesn't include the orchestra or choir!)

The beginning band members have only been playing their instruments for about three months, only know about six notes, and did a wonderful job on five pieces.  Normally, the three classes don't preform together so the fact that they did last night and so well is a testament to the instructor. 



Liz Fichera said...

oh, cute! I love it when kids play instruments! That will help them in so many different ways, not to mention the joy of playing music.

Sherri said...

He's our artist but wasn't able to get into that elective. I'm glad he's enjoying band though.

Makayla said...

Ahh what a cutie! I bet he was super excited for his first band performance!Its always great when people, especially children learn to play different instruments. It can be useful tool later on in life!


Sherri said...

Makayla, he's glad it's over, LOL. My dad's side of the family is amazingly musical. I tried piano as a child, then again as an adult...never stuck.

Charlene said...

That a way to go, Cam. Wish we could have been there. Keep up the good work. Miss you boys.

Nana & Papa

Sherri said...

We wished you guys could have been there too!