Monday, January 31, 2011

January's Reading Summary

Total number of books read: 8 -- Yikes, I better pick up the pace or I won't even come close to reaching 100 books this year.  Admittedly, I've been sidetracked with learning new dietary things and toying with my own writing. 

Monthly reading goals:

  1. 1 new-to-me author each month -- Sloan Parker
  2. 4 genres/sub-genres each month (I'm adding to that at least one book a month must be non-fiction and/or writing related.) -- Failed at reading a non-fiction this month despite trying a couple times, my head just wasn't having it. Fantasy (see #5), Science Fiction Romance (Lady Doctor Wyreby Joely Sue Burkhart), M/M Erotic Romantic Suspense (Breatheby Sloan Parker), Paranormal Romance (In the Darkest Nightby Patti O'Shea) -- yep, Romance a big theme this month but I got different sub-genres in there so it counts :)
  3. 4 release years each month -- N/A
  4. 1 book from glommed author (A glommed author is someone whose books you’ve bought a bunch of after reading one or two that you love.) -- N/A 
  5. 1 book from unfinished pile till depleted -- Holly Lisle's Courage of Falcons
  6. Alternate male and female authors (I will say at least one male author per month.) -- Failed at reading a male author in January (darn you George I'm calling you out for not getting your story to me this month J/K sorta)
  7. Write a note to 1 author each month -- see #1


Maria Zannini said...

This is still an amazing accomplishment. Go, you! :)

I wish I were that organized.

Sherri said...

Wish the rest of my life was that organized, LOL. It's been a crazy month!

And if I really think about it -- if I can read 8 to 10 books every single month -- I'll meet my goal of 100.

Nicole said...

You want to read 100 books this year?!? Wow. That's a lot! Good luck!

Sherri said...

LOL, yeah Nicole, it's been my goal for a couple years now. Thanks.