Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Book Review -- The Sevenfold Spell

Have you ever wondered what happens to the other people in the fairy tale?

Things look grim for Talia and her mother. By royal proclamation, the constables and those annoying "good" fairies have taken away their livelihood by confiscating their spinning wheel. Something to do with a curse on the princess, they said.

Not every young lady has a fairy godmother rushing to her rescue.

Without the promise of an income from spinning, Talia's prospects for marriage disappear, and she and her mother face destitution. Past caring about breaking an arbitrary and cruel law, rebellious Talia determines to build a new spinning wheel, the only one in the nation—which plays right into the evil fairy's diabolical plan. Talia discovers that finding a happy ending requires sacrifice. But is it a sacrifice she's willing to make?
I recently received a copy of Tia Nevitt's The Sevenfold Spell., the first of the Accidental Enchantment series.

I loved this twist on the classic Sleeping Beauty tale.  All the fairy tale elements you know and love are still present yet the different perspective keeps it from being just another retelling.

Talia is fully devel­oped.  She’s a very likable heroine, who just wanted a life with Willard, but was denied.  She picks her way through a life altered by the curse.  Talia grows and changes along her journey despite the cir­cum­stances dic­tating a lot of her choices.  I was rooting for Talia to get her happy-ever-after.

Everyone you expect make appearances, just not how you'd think.  I enjoyed the explanations such as why the fairies couldn't reverse the curse.  And was rewarded with a satisfying end that took in the entire scope of the story.

The Sevenfold Spell is a quick read and a good way to spend a free hour or two.  I'm looking forward to more from this series.


Tia said...

Thanks for the review, Sherri! Glad you enjoyed it.

Sherri said...

Can't wait for the next one!

Nicole said...

Ooh! Want! And man, I wish I'd thought of this idea...

Sherri said...

I know! It's such an awesome premise :)