Thursday, July 28, 2011

Highland Dancing

There's a wee part of me that wishes my parents had encouraged Debbie and I to take up dancing -- not the bit of ballet I have vague memories of but the highland stuff -- but in their defense there may not have been anything in the Bay Area where we grew up. One of my cousins took the highland dance and demonstrated at one or more of our reunions. Sigh.

And Coquitlam, BC must have one hell of a dance studio because the majority of the winners were out of Coquitlam. Wonder if that's where my cousin went?

During one of the competitions we saw...

Is this little sweetheart not the cutest thing you've ever seen? She was mimicking the dancers...doing a pretty good job of it too!

I just wish I could have gotten in behind her so I could take a picture with her in the foreground and the competitive dancers on the stage in the background. It would have been the coolest picture.

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