Sunday, September 23, 2007

Who Is At My Door?

Cam's latest book.

I think this would make an awesome board book for young children. Love how he shaped the book like a door (the brown was just so the pages would scan). My only suggestion to him was that the last page/back cover should be where he says "It's you!" and I thought it would be cool to have some kind of mirror in the door so the child would see him/herself looking back.

Anyone know a good publisher?


Lynn said...

I just love it! I kind of reminds me of my son's fav. book when he was little "Brown Bear, Brown Bear". Cam did an AWESOME job. I also think that the mirror in the back would be sooo cute. Little kids would love it.

jp said...

Wow, I adore his book! I just love how the anticipation builds. :-) And the little dots down the side for each new creature...very, very sweet! Wonderful job!! Janet

toners said...

Great job!! What a beautiful piece of work for you to keep :)

Theresa said...

How creative your son is! Great book, love the drawings and I agree you have to keep this, laminate it if nothing else. He may very well be a children's book writer and you'll have the "first edition!"

Dana said...

This book is toooo cute. Dana

Linda said...

This is very cute. Your son is very creative.

Marilyn said...

Cam, what a wonderful job you did! We are so proud of you and your writing and drawing skills and your creativity. This really would be a great board book for toddlers. Keep up the good work.
Love, Grandma & Grandpa.

Sherri, thank you so much for sharing. I don't know how you made it so that the pages would turn, but that was a great way to display the book.

Give Cam a great big hug & kiss from Grandpa & Grandma. Infact, give everyone a big hug & kiss, including Mark. We miss you all.

Mom & Dad

Charlene said...

Wow - I don't check the blog for a couple of days & look what I find once I do - a book written by a someday famous author AND it even has magical turning pages. Cam, I knew you were talented in the writing department but I didn't know you were a magician too. I love your book, but then again I have loved all of your books & drawings. Maybe someday you will be as famous as Harry Potter's author. Why don't you teach Alex how to write a book - maybe he could do one on trains. In fact maybe he could do a story about one of Grandpa's trains.
Miss all you boys & Mom & Dad too.
Love you,
Nana & Papa