Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Opening Ceremonies

I used to be a card carrying member of the PHGA and volunteered at many games. I've yet to make it to the Vegas version. You can imagine my joy that our vacation coincided with the Portland Highland Games. On the statistically warmest/driest day of the year Oregon gave us rain, LOL

Regimental Drum Major Inspection & Decorum

The Prince Charles Pipe Band

Color Guard: 2nd Battalion 162nd Infantry IBCT

NW Scots Guard

Parade of the Clans

Alma Lynn McDowell singing the
UK, Canadian, and US national anthems.
Behind her are:
Chieftains of the Day Colin & Bonnie MacKenzie,
and PHGA president Marianna MacKenzie Day.

Jori Chisholm preforming the lament.

Rev. Christopher Grewe giving the invocation.

The Kilted Mile Race

The fastest time: 5'40.08
However, 73 year old Patrick Feser broke a record with 7'06.11!


Nicole said...

Very cool! I haven't been to a highland games in ages. (Clan Campbell here, though very diluted.)

Sherri said...

Watson, Barclay, Fowlie, and more, LOL

It was the first year I didn't see Barclay at these games which I thought very strange. Watson is more lowland so I never see them represented at games. Fowlie is a sept of a larger clan but I can't remember which off the top of my head.

Thanks for stopping by :)