Sunday, June 6, 2010


I saw an owl during my morning walk today.  An Las Vegas...who knew! 

I would never have expected to see a bird I consider nocturnal despite the fact I was out early (we're expecting another triple digit day) it was still 10 after 6 in the morning and very bright.  While we aren't in the middle the city it's still an urban area.  He was just sitting on the covering of someones patio.  Thought he was fake at first but then he rotated his head and blinked.

Big beast.  About a foot tall.  From a little research online I think it must have been a Great Horned Owl.


Maria Zannini said...

Cool. I've only seen an owl in daylight once and it was a baby owl.

Sherri said...

No way was this guy a baby. I use to see them all the time, usually around sunset, but seeing one in this setting just blew me away.

Charlene said...

Sherri, love the picture. All the years we've lived in this house I have only seen 1 owl. I came home one night & as I was turning into driveway the car lights caught yellow eyes. He had been sitting on the fence next to driveway & of course immediately flew off. We can hear them at night out in the trees.
Hey, what happened to Fabulous Friday dinners? We had Chicken Tetrazzini last night & I really liked it. Are ALL the boys ready for the big Laker game???
Love u

Sherri said...

Just a note: I did not take that picture...didn't have the camera with me on my walk...found that online when I was trying to figure out what type of owl I'd seen.

Fantastic Food Fridays will be back as soon as I can suffer the kitchen again, LOL, these triple digits aren't conducive for cooking even with the A/C going!

Nicole said...

Very cool! We have hawks nesting nearby that I love seeing, too.

Sherri said...

My parents have hawks, Nicole. There is a tree across the river where they nest every year and we have a perfect view from the living room. The top of the tree even bends like a hawk's wing, we've called it Hawk's Tree for years.