Sunday, September 26, 2010

Whoa...what just happened?

Spent a wonderful day with beloved sister on Friday. We went to breakfast then to a new age shop (sis has a friend that works there but hadn’t had the chance to get up to the shop before), Celestial Awakenings for you Vancouver/Portland area folks.

ROCKS -- crystals, stones, whatever you want to call them -- Okay, first of all I’m going to preface this with the fact I am sometimes sensitive to them. They don’t glow or anything fancy like that but if there are bowls or piles of them I can hold my hand over top and pick up warmth. Now whether that warmth is residual from people handling the stones or not hasn’t been tested. It’s also not something I can do consistently.

So we arrive at this shop and of course there are bowls of stones all over the place. Sis’ friend has been after her to pick up a citrine for a couple years now and the two of them headed off in that direction. I wandered over to a table that had the majority of small stones clustered -- celestite, amber, quartz, turquoise, etc. -- and walked around the table with my hand hovering over the bowls, pausing to pick through a bowl if I felt any warmth. Before I knew it sis had joined me, picking up stones based on the card description. The resident aura reader, at least I think that’s what she was doing, started handing sis and me stones.

Most of the stones she handed me did nothing or if they did I’m writing my reactions off to suggestion. For example, she handed me a stone and told me I had back pain between my shoulder, no. My back is actually fine today, thank you...but wouldn’t you know it, I began to feel a bit of heat low, between my shoulder blades. Suggestion? I don’t know. Anyway, we went on like this for a few minutes. My sister not having reactions to the stones I was and vice versa.

She handed me danburite. My eyes went wide. She handed my sister one but apparently she didn’t have a reaction. Turning back to me she said, “But you are.” I didn’t need her telling me either because I was definitely feeling it. It felt like a wave had crested over top of me. You know that feeling you sometimes get where all of a sudden -- without anything prompting it -- you shudder or shiver from head to toe? It was like that but it went on and on. I had chills, shivers, whatever for over an hour afterwards. I’m getting the chills just recalling it to type it. I’ve never experienced anything like it before.

Danburite is considered a powerful heart chakra stone and supposedly aids in communication with angels and other such spiritual guides.

Um, hello...angels! I’ve always been fascinated with angels. Remember this post where I talked about cross-stitching an angel for every room in my house? Well, I’ve been thinking about doing that again these last weeks working on my current angel project. A lot. (And no wisecracks about my horns, Maria, or I'll have to give you the evil eye. Oh, wait. I'm not Italian. I don't have that power. I wonder if there's a Scottish equivalent.  ::taps finger against chin::)

Citrine is called “The Merchant Stone” because it is considered a powerful stone to attract prosperity and success. I can’t say I felt anything with the citrine but I keep picking up then putting back the same stone. It wasn’t until my sister said something that I realized it, LOL. I guess it wanted to come home with it did.

Amber supposedly transmutes negative to positive...with a pre-teen in the house, yeah, I can use all the help I can get! And for a buck, why not?

TAROT -- I haven’t been able to really work with the first set so buying another...why? Angels again.

Sis and I were wandering though the other areas of the shop when we spotted them. I looked at them, put them back, wandered some more. It was the only set of angel tarot cards in the room. My sister pointed that out. I was looking at another set of cards when the angel set tipped off the shelf. I put it back. I was ready to leave and looked over the shelf at my sister to see if she was ready, turned only to find I had the angel tarot cards in my hand. Again. I don’t remember picking them up. I had no plans to get them. I guess one of the ghosts wanted me to though.

GHOSTS -- I’ve never had a ghost encounter. Well, not directly anyway.

My sister has a great one. Grandma passed away before either of us had kiddos and my grandfather remarried, so we had Nana. Sis had her kids before me and reported that the first pictures of her kids with Nana never came out. Problems with the camera or film? Or was Grandma’s ghost interfering? Sis swears it was Grandma. Grandma’s way of saying, “That my grandchild.”

Have to admit it happened with Cam. A whole roll of 24 exposure film resulted in one multi-exposed photo. Nothing wrong with the photos my mom took of Cam’s first meeting with Nana. (Nana passed away before Alex was born so no further tests could be conducted.)

But I don’t think of that as my ghost story.

The shop is in a converted house. An old converted house. What old house worth its salt doesn’t have a ghost or two? Of course, the shop is reputed to be haunted.

One of the owners pulled us into the middle of a room, the center of the house, and pulled out his trusty i-phone. Of course, he has an app for that. Sure enough, he dials up a ghost tracking app that looks like a radar screen. Okay, so I’m skeptical. But here is where it gets freaky.

The man pointed out which blips were us. We were all at the very edge of the radar circle. Blue blips were “weak” ghosts. Red were the “strong” ones and the ones we hoped would show up. Yeah, there were some blips. Most of the “ghosts” seemed to like sis’ side of the radar screen. Not hovering around her per say but staying on that side of the room.

The app had the ability to print up words should the ghosts have something to say. “Fence,” “beyond,” “important,” “for,” and “you” came up for us. There may have been more but those are what I remember. We were trying to figure out what they meant. As soon as one of us, can't remember which, said my sister was on the fence and needed to make a decision, the app went quiet, the ghosts left the room.

I’m not going to go into my sister’s life other than to say she does and there was no way the man could have known.

And I guess I had my first ghostly encounter. When the word “important” was appearing on the phone I had shivers race up and down my leg. It was like someone was tickling just the one leg. Unfortunately, that part of my body was outside the radar circle so I don’t know if I had a ghost hanging around or not.

What about you? Have you had anything metaphysical ever happen? Had any ghostly encounters?


Maria Zannini said...

Wow! You've got five posts in one today.

Ref: rocks
I have a small collection of rocks, crystals and fossils. I would love to find a crystal that speaks to me. So far, no luck.

Ref: tarot
I know almost nothing about Tarot, but I had heard once that for the best readings, you should never buy your own set. Tarot should be given or bequeathed to the reader.

Though in your case, if the cards were again in your hands, someone did want you to have them.

Ref: angels, ghosts

Ghosts I can handle, but angels (and devils) freak me out.

My niece had an incident not too long ago and her mother told her some of the stories that had happened to me when I was a kid. I wonder if being able to sense ghosts is generational. This niece and one other seem to be able to spot them.

Great post, Sherri. I'm looking forward to hearing about your experiences with crystals and tarot cards.

BTW, if you ever find a crystal that'll help my bum knee and hip and I would pay good money for it. :)

Sherri said...

LOL, Maria, three at least but kinda hard to break them up when everything happened in the span of one afternoon.

Rocks -- I've never really collected them though I toyed with the idea of getting a tumbler once to polish rocks. I do have one cool one that Cam gave me (he found it walking home from a friend's house) that is shaped like a heart.

Tarot -- My interest in it so far is limited to helping my writing. The idea of using it for divination freaks me out.

As for the spirits...not a fan of the evil ones either. I like the thought of angels watching over us and I've always been open to the possibility of ghosts.

Ref: healing stones

I'll add you to the list, LOL.

Nicole said...

I have two decks of tarot cards as well... and also for use in writing. One is the traditional deck, because I was writing a story that centered around the tarot, and the other is a deck that spoke to me more. A prettier deck, so to speak. I'll sometimes do horoscope-style stuff with them (the "I'm only going to believe this if it says what I want to hear" style) but no serious divination. That weirds me out a bit, too.

Sherri said...

Nicole, I have the Celtic set which, I guess, is my "pretty" one. The Angel set just has pictures on the face cards which is a bit disappointing. The booklet that came with the Angel is much better than Celtic though.

Joely Sue Burkhart said...

Wow, that sounds incredible! I've never had stuff like that happen to me, and it would probably freak me out. I just got that Ghost Radar thingie on my iPhone and the kids are loving it. They "found" a ghost in our house the other day and it said a few words. I still have a hard time believing any of it, but it's definitely fun.

I have just the basic tarot set (Rider Waite) for writing purposes, too. I keep thinking I'll buy a pretty set, but there's so many, and I can't really settle on ONE. That's so cool that you were able to find an angel one that "claimed" you!

Sherri said...

It was incredible and freaky, Joely, and I can't say it happens all that often to me either.