Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jungle Boys

It wouldn't be a trip to Oregon without a visit to Safari Sam's! I LOVE this place. This is where I take the boys to run off all that energy they have to keep a grip on during the drive. I'd be the happiest parent on the planet if they'd build one in Vegas...hint, hint.

Mark and I parked ourselves at a table, bought drinks, and told the boys to play till their knuckles drug the floor.
Robbie gets more daring with each visit!
Of course, he keeps the security of an older brother near by, LOL
I think we may have reached the cap of enjoyment with this one.
Here's another one who seems to gain confidence with each visit.
Not exactly how he's suppose to get out of the Black Diamond...

Four hours later, we propelled the boys toward the van. Success.


Fresh Garden said...

Wonderful! Gorgeous! :D

Sherri said...

Thanks for stopping by :)