Thursday, June 30, 2011

June Reading Summary

Total number of books read: 10 -- So, halfway through the year. My grand total thus far is 72, yep, well on my way to my 100 for the year goal. (Though I plan to make a bit of an adjust at the end of the year because some of these stories/books are shorter works.)

Monthly reading goals:

  1. 1 new-to-me author each month -- Louisa Bacio
  2. 4 genres/sub-genres each month (I'm adding to that at least one book a month must be non-fiction and/or writing related.) -- Well, I started the non-fiction but haven't finished it yet. Paranormal Romance (The Vampire, the Witch and the Werewolf: A New Orleans Threesome
    by Louisa Bacio), Erotic Historical Romance -- is that even a genre? -- (The Debutante's Dilemma by Elyse Mady), Paranormal Mystery (Dead in the Family (Sookie Stackhouse) by Charlaine Harris), Fantasy (The Old Warrior by Dale Broda Jr.)
  3. Alternate male and female authors (I will say at least one male author per month.) -- Dale Broda Jr.
  4. Write a note to 1 author each month -- Wrote a review for Louisa Bacio


Liz Fichera said...

I really need to read more male authors too. I have been looking for more YA from male POVs too. Most are still written from women.

David Bridger just released a book from Carina this week that looks really interesting.

Sherri said...

I don't read a lot of YA at all.

I think you'd enjoy Dale Broda's work. 'The Old Warrior' was amazing and now I'm going to pick up his longer stories 'The Black Knight' and 'The Last Battle of the Star Swords.'

I'll take a look at David Bridger, thanks for the recommendation Liz.