Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Birthday


Nineteen years ago yesterday, we were having a family gathering at my parents -- I don't remember now if it was for my birthday (which is next week) or Easter or a combination of the two (they run neck and neck more often than you'd think) -- my sister was huge, ready to pop any day.  After sis and BIL left that night those of us left joked about her going into labor and the baby having an April Fools birthday. 

Just after midnight, sure enough, the call came in.  BIL and sis were on their way to the hospital, LOL.  So, April Fools at 9:58 in the morning my amazing nephew came into the world.

Happy birthday Ry-guy.  Love you!

Uncle Mark, Aunt Sherri, and the boys


Ciara said...

My niece's birthday is today too. :) Happy birthday to your nephew.

Sherri said...

Must be a good day :) Happy birthday to your niece as well.