Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Habits

So last month I was part of a writing challenge. I think I did pretty well with my goal of writing every day. Whether it will stick, well, I guess I'll find out this month *g* One of the things Joely posted at the start of the month to help with goal-setting was this link.

Ta Daa! Margie’s DUH Plan:

1 -- Do It first or as close to first as humanly possible

2 -- Understand that it may be inconvenient and/or difficult and do it anyway

3 -- Hurray, Celebrate! You did it!

See? It is a DUH plan. Duh--if you exercised first every single morning, you’d always exercise. There would not be one day that you went to bed verbally berating yourself because you’d planned to exercise. It had been really important to you to fit exercise in your day and still you “never got around to it.”

I attempted to follow this advise during the May challenge. As I wrote 26 of the 31 days in the month, I think the method was a success overall.

Well, for June, I'm going to attempt to apply this to getting back into a walking schedule. To make this measurable and accountable, I'm going to say 30 minutes three times a week (Monday to Sunday for tracking purposes). Like I did in May, I'll post updates on Mondays...that way if I fall off the proverbial wagon you all can get on my case...lovingly *g*

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