Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Book Review -- The Third Wish

I friended KF Zuzulo on Facebook. In following one of her links, I won a copy of her E-book The Third Wish. Genre is Romance (man-woman) with a sub-genre of fantasy, I guess. (My understanding is that paranormal is based in horror -- vampires, etc. -- while fantasy includes things like faeries -- which I'd put genies under.) This is a novella sized book with about 83 pages published by Sapphire Blue.

On a dig in the Jordan desert, archaeologist Bridget Devine unleashes cursed and captivating jinni Ashura-Goreem…and her own sensual awakening.

The jinni must fulfill three wishes before he is free to settle a 3,000-year-old score, so his attraction to Bridget is a distraction he can’t afford.

Bridget soon realizes that she is the captive—bound to Ash by desire and unwilling to let him go. But time is running out for the jinni. As an enemy from his ancient past returns, Ash must decide between freedom and love.

The third wish will either release Ash or destroy him.

Zuzulo made me believe genies still walk the earth!

The world was well done, giving enough detail I wasn't lost, yet showed Zuzulo had done her research. Both Ash and Bridget resist their feelings in ways that make the romance between them believable. Bridget's a thoroughly sympathetic but modern woman. Ash, on the other hand, starts out rather arrogant but his growth is the greatest. The external conflict of Ash's enemy was also developed nicely. Zuzulo blended the two story lines beautifully and left me with a satisfying ending.

Only one thing pull me from the story a bit -- Ash has an inner dialogue repeatedly about the whys/hows he's at Eriba-Marduk's mercy -- much like I'd expect in a sequel which felt redundant here. Not a huge issue, more my own pet-peeve than a negative.

Overall, I was very glad to have read this and will be keeping an eye on this author!

Just found out there is a sequel to The Third Wish, The Genie's Curse, and she's working on the third in the series. WOOT. You can find Zuzulo's work here.


Kellyann Zuzulo said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed The Third Wishand thank you so much for reviewing it!
The whole idea of genies is so fascinating to me because of their place in Middle Eastern mythology, but also because so many people believe that they do exist...
Who knows for sure. But it is fun to wonder and create these characters.
So glad we met on Facebook.
Best Wishes,

Sherri said...

Glad we met too Kellyann! I'll be picking up more of your work *g*