Saturday, May 22, 2010


I better not
hear any crap
about how upset you are
that I missed your birthday.
I mean, how do you know
I wasn't in a serious car accident
and lying in some ditch
out in the middle of nowhere?
Or maybe I was trapped in
an abandoned well or mineshaft?
Stuff like that happens, you know!
Well, I may have forgotten
your birthday, but I didn't
exactly get any phone calls to see
if I was okay.

All I know is
you better have
a darned good excuse why
I didn't hear from you
on your birthday!

Too funny! I got this card in the mail on Thursday and am still chuckling about it. Thank you Kary, Jody, and Proctor!


marilyn said...

That's priceless!!


Sherri said...

Isn't it just? I'm still laughing about it. I'll have to put a note on my calendar to call next year for kicks and giggles.