Saturday, March 27, 2010


Rather same o' hum-drum week here.
  • Alex lost a molar. It was kinda weird, in that it wasn't the first in the molar line and either the adult tooth grew up inside of the baby one or he actually broke the baby one off. Unfortunately, I can't tell. All I know is the baby tooth he put under the pillow was like a cap more than a tooth.
  • We appear to have lost one of the bean plants to the little hands of a kiddo. Why they must dig and play in the garden when they have an approximately 16 x 16 foot sand box is beyond me. Someone has even been at the few strawberries trying to grow.
  • Weather has been gorgeous but windy. We've enjoyed firing up the outdoor fireplace a couple nights. I've enjoyed my morning coffee more than a few times out on the patio.
  • We've entered Spring Break for the boys...I know crazy considering we just came off a three week Track Break...but have to say I like that Spring Break ends with Easter. That's how I remember Spring Breaks from my childhood -- before schools became PC or whatever.
  • I foresee a lot of trips to the park this week.

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Nicole said...

Why do kids dig in the garden? Because they're not supposed to, of course. I hope you don't lose any more plants!