Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Little This and That

Had parent-teacher conferences today for all three boys. All great reports! Cam and Alex are both on A-B Honor Roll for the trimester. Way to go boys...we're proud of you! Assembly is tomorrow so I'll have pictures for you then.

The Tooth Fairy comes tonight (even though Ian has no idea where the tooth fell out)! Approaching six, knew it was coming, but man where does the time go?

Okay, once again I'm trying to get a picture of all the boys. SO NOT EASY. Which do you like better?

Picture A

Picture B

On the Mark front: he had one interview last week. He felt it went well, the interviewer seemed thrilled, but she had another interview to do before making a final decision. So far we haven't heard from her and sent out round two of the resumes yesterday. Still crossing fingers we hear from the company he interviewed with as the position sounded like a perfect fit for Mark. Hate the waiting.

On the Christmas front: the house is decorated, the majority of the presents bought, the baking done, and the Christmas music flows...


Charlene said...

I like Picture A but would have absolutely loved it if my #1 grandson hadn't put up his 2 fingers.
Congratulations Ian on losing the old tooth. Hope the tooth fairy leaves you lots of money - course, it is the recession & she might not be able to come up with alot.

Aromas of Eden said...

I like Picture A. Talk to ya soon :)

Frank said...

I also like #1 but try and photo shop CAM's hand. Regarding Ian's
tooth, he could have swallowed it and if so Mom and Dad you know where to find it.

Love Papa

letters to emily said...

both pics are darling!

Sherri said...
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Sherri said...

I also like #1 but try and photo shop CAM's hand.

Geez, Dad, think I'm Brian or something? LOL Sorry, photo shopping Cam's hand out is beyond my limited programs and skills.