Thursday, December 17, 2009

Honor Roll

This afternoon was the assembly for the boys' Honor Roll. I took a bunch of pictures -- some good and some not so much -- but in the end, these two pictures are all you get. I try really hard to protect the privacy of the kids so usually spend quiet a bit of time blotting out faces, names, etc. and am just too tired to deal with it this time round.

I like the smaller assemblies like the ones today where just the kids on the one track were present. The school broke it down so each grade had about an hour for their assembly. Lucky for me, Cam and Alex's were back-to-back so I didn't have to came and go all day.

Cam with his A-B Honor Roll Award.

Alex with his A-B Honor Roll Award.

We're so proud of you both! Keep up the good work and I challenge you to be on the A Honor Roll next trimester.

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