Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cue scary shark attack music...

The dreaded ax fell on Mark's job yesterday. The merger has turned into more of a hostile take-over. The writing had been on the wall back when he was offered an office (with a door -- think he was reduced to sharing said office by the end of the weekend).

We're still processing the blow. Don't know what this means for us as we relocated for the job. Thankfully, with his severance package we have a bit of a cushion so will enjoy Thanksgiving with family before figuring out what's next.

Positive thoughts are much appreciated!

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Maria Zannini said...

That's horrible, Sherri. I'm so sorry.

I hope he finds something soon. Remind him to network. Tell everyone he knows that he's looking for a new position.

This happened to a friend of mine. When she told me she had lost her job, I let her know about a couple of freelance editing jobs I couldn't take.

It's amazing what's out there just for asking.

Good luck!