Saturday, April 10, 2010

So Sad...

Looks like my give-away experiment failed big time. Now to figure out why.
  • ARC's weren't interesting or new enough?
  • Didn't give it enough time?
  • Not enough outside posting about it? (Though it looks like I got a decent amount of traffic to that post.)
  • It's a family blog, Sherri, what the heck are you trying to do? LOL

Aw-well, maybe another time. Thanks for the birthday wishes, though.


Maria Zannini said...

That's a shame, but your points were all valid.

Posting outside your circle helps-- a lot.

Even if it's a family blog, people will come for free books if they know about them.

Sherri said...

I did post about it to FB and some message boards but certainly could have done more.

Live and learn.

Nicole said...

Timing is also important, but there's little you can do about that. Last week was a bad week for me -- I kept getting interrupted mid-blog-reading, and was never sure what I'd done and what I hadn't. And rarely had the time to backtrack to see...

Sherri said...

I hear you Nicole! Some days I wonder how I got through them with my head still attached, LOL