Friday, November 20, 2009

Book Review -- The Moon Chasers Series

So here's an update on Sharie Kohler's Moon Chasers series. Genre Romance (man-woman) with a sub-genre of paranormal.

Kiss of a Dark Moon (Moon Chasers, Book 2)
(Published September 2008 by Pocket Books -- 340 pages)
After a savage lycan attack destroyed her parents, Kit March has ignored the rules saying only men can be hunters and dedicated her life to destroying lycans. Her profession is hell on her love life, but she's resigned to the lack of romance until she meets sinfully sexy European werewolf agent Rafe Santiago. Unfortunately, Rafe is a man with a mission: eradicate rogue agents from the American branch . . . and the foremost name on his list is Kit March.

Rafe has always put business before pleasure, but something about this feisty yet vulnerable woman is doing strange things to a man who has never before allowed his emotions to get the better of him. The merciless hunter excels at eliminating threats, but he doesn't know how to handle the threat Kit poses to his heart.

The world of lycans has always been black and white. But now, suddenly, the rules are changing. Forces that have been brewing for generations put Kit and Rafe in terrible danger, and nothing they confront is quite as it seems . . . including each other. Is the passion between them just as illusory? Or is it the only thing real?

To Crave a Blood Moon (Moon Chasers, Book 3)
(Published September 2009 by Pocket Books -- 321 pages)
Imprisoned and tortured by a lycan pack, half-breed Sebastian Santiago is determined not to break. But now they've come up with a cruel plan — starve Sebastian until he is half-mad with hunger, then force him to succumb to his werewolf instincts by giving him human prey to feed on.

Snatched from the streets of Istanbul, American tourist Ruby Deveraux has already seen the horror of her companions torn apart. Now she is thrown into a dark cell with a shadowy shape she can barely see. But Ruby is no ordinary woman. All her life she has been able to sense the emotions of others, and she knows instinctively that while Sebastian does not want to be her enemy, he is in the grip of sensations so dark and primitive that he can barely control them. But amid his surging feelings she can detect passion — passion for her as a woman. This, she realizes, may be her only hope. In the unrelenting dark, trapped in a hideous prison, can Ruby and Sebastian somehow forge a fragile alliance and break free from their deadly captors to seize a love neither dreamed possible?

I loved these two books as much as the first one! Book two takes up the story of Kit, sister to Gideon (hero in the first book). Book three takes up the story of Sebastian, brother to Rafe (hero in the second book). A very satisfying trilogy though I believe there is another book in this world scheduled for release next year.

Once again Kohler nailed everything I love about a story. She kept the pace smooth yet fast. The characters had depth and motivation. In my own words from my previous post, "It's a vivid world that draws the reader in from page one. While the characters hold you through to the last page." I literally can't think of anything I disliked about this series to date. Even if you don't normally go for the paranormal romance I think this series is worth a read.

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