Friday, February 6, 2009

Progress Reports

came home for Cam and Alex.

Cam is still an A-B student for the most part but his mathematics grade dropped to a C -- so much for my challenge to turn one of his B's into an A. There's still time for him to improve the grade before the next report card. I just wish I could figure out why math is such a struggle for him. All in all, a good progress report.

Alex is also still an A-B student for the most part but his reading grade dropped to a C -- again, not Alex's strong area. It continues to boggle my mind that Alex received an A in Social Studies because a large percent of that grade is civics which is graded with weekly behavior reports -- which Alex has been struggling with. For example, this week was one of the better reports where he received 'smiley faces' (5 stars if you will) and 'green' (4 stars) for most of the week but then he got a 'blue' (3 stars) for burping the alphabet in class. Burping the alphabet! Only my kid!

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