Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Know...

I know I've been quiet here on the blog this week.

My first week of "working" has come to an end. I'm a little tired because of the extra cleaning LOL Things I normally wouldn't worry about I'm having to stay on top of because of the baby. It's one thing not to vacuum every day with my own kids but it's completely different when it's someone else's.

I don't have the same me-time during the day now so I'm having to readjust my own routine again. I may be a bit more hit-n-miss here until I find my groove.

At any rate, this was Logan's first week and we're still working out the routine kinks. He's a good little guy. Robbie is enjoying being a "big brother" and likes to "read" to Logan. It's so stinkin' cute. Logan hasn't developed any real schedule yet (of course, he's only 9 weeks old) and is keeping his poor folks up most nights. Hopefully, I'll be able to work out some sort of daytime routine with him that will help them with the nights.

Ian came down with something Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. It was the weirdest thing. Tuesday night he had a bath after dinner and complained to me that he had a cough though I hadn't heard him at all. Wednesday morning he came into our bedroom wheezing and said, "I'm dying." Well, of course, he wasn't dying but he sure didn't sound good, either. By the time we were downstairs and the boys eating breakfast, he was coughing and running a temp of 99.8. Mark took him into the doctor and Ian was diagnosed with a sinus infection. (That sounds completely strange to me. I've never heard of wheezing with a sinus infection.)

So Ian has some meds but so far is still wheezing and coughing. Tylenol took care of the fever. The only thing the meds have noticeably done is make Ian feel better. Wednesday he was lethargic, didn't eat more than half his Pop-Tart for breakfast all day, and I had a hard time getting him to drink anything...Mark even bribed him with 7-Up. Today, he's up and around but not fully back to normal on the food and drink.

Cam and Alex have been doing their normal school routine: get up, turn on the TV, argue with me over why they should wear a sweater or light jacket to school, forget something they should have packed in their backpack the night before, destroy the house as they walk through the door each afternoon, complain about homework and chores, and all manor of BOY behavior LOL

Well, I need to go oversee today's round of homework. Hopefully, this weekend I'll be able to catch up with the Gratitude Project and get some photos up.

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Lynn Boyle said...

hope Ian gets better. keep an eye on the wheezing i realize your in the desert but sometimes sinus infection are mistaken by allergies and it's tricky..antibiotics will not clear as well as steroids, if it continues I'd have him tested for allergies these things tend to come out of no friend went through hell and now that they found out it was the mold at col cty school she has to take allergies shots for a long time if not forever.i hope he feels better. good luck on your new job i am sure you'll have him on a schedule in no time..i miss the babies..