Saturday, December 13, 2008


This morning we went to downtown Henderson for the WinterFest Parade. We wanted to do something a little Christmasy.

It wasn't a cold morning (53) but we had quite a wind. Ian no longer likes getting his picture taken.

The boys saving our spot.

Pre-parade Santa. He had more glitter and lights than you could shake a stick at...must be Las Vegas!

Mom trying to catch all four looking at the camera at once and it just wasn't about to happen!

The Parade kicked off with the mounted Police. Not sure if these were Henderson or Las Vegas.

The Marine Crops.

The Grand Marshall. I was too close to catch it in one picture but he's actually waving at our group.

Ian returning the wave to the Grand Marshall.

One of the boys' captured this one. One of the riders in the Reindeer on Bicycles group LOL

That dog did not look happy to be there -- tail between legs and all.

The Green Valley High School Marching Band. Of special note: this band will be playing at Obama's inaugural ceremony. How cool is that?!

More Green Valley. I'm only posting the one band but there were tons and they were all really good.

Another one captured by one of the boys...cute penguin.

Alex modeling his dimples for the camera!

What parade would be complete without the Scots? None!

Robbie really enjoyed the Marching Bands.

Some tumbling. I actually got about ten shots of these two girls going down the middle of the street.

It's really cool to scroll through them as it looks like the girls are moving!

One of the boys took this one...think they're trying to hint at something?

It was a beautiful morning -- except for the wind. It is really blowing today. We had planned on taking in some of the other activities today but the wind chased us away.

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