Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas...

Well, old man winter has hit the desert LOL It's a balmy 40 degrees outside and our expected high today is only 43. It's snowing in NW Vegas and those of us in the lower elevations should expect about an inch of the white stuff at some point today. I tried to find a news photo of the snow up by Red Rock but I guess they aren't online yet.

Of course, if we do see snow here at the house we'll be sure to post the pictures!

It still blows my mind that it snows here at all LOL even though I know Mark has been here before when it has. The morning news has been showing pictures from December 2006 when the valley got quite the blanket.

So for now...I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...

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Charlene/Nana said...

How terrific. The boys will love it. Right now it is 22 degrees at 9:55 AM. We had a mild colic last night so were in the barn for about 1.5 hours & came back in about midnight. The wind was blowing snow everywhere & what wasn't snowy was icey. Don was stranded down in Dallas & had to stay in a motel. Couldn't be on any road last night if you didn't have chains on. Sun right now, but another snowstorm is due on Wed.
Hopefully you will have enough snow to build 1 or 2 snowmen.