Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Random Cam

Just some random photos of Cam from the last few months.

Last night, while doing homework.

The other day at the park.

I love this smile! I hardly ever see it and it's even rarer for me to catch it with the camera. Wish the photo wasn't so out of focus but there you go...the rare Cam smile -- kinda reminds me of that cruise ad where the daughter never smiles.

Goofing off on the Pre-school playground at church.

Reading to Robbie a few nights ago. (And yes, I think he lives in that shirt sometimes!)

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marilyn said...

Wonderful pictures!

Thanks for sharing them. It helps us to keep in touch. And it's fun to see how they are growing and learning.

I'm amazed to see the puzzle that Alex is working on. Yes, he is the one that seemed to show the most interest in puzzles. He picked up the wooden puzzles very quickly and wasn't afraid to try some of the bigger more challenging puzzles.

Take a picture of the puzzle when he gets finished, so we can see it.

I liked the picture of Cam with his very real smile.

Of course all the pictures of the other 2 boys are great, too.

Lots of love to all,
Mom & Dad/ Grandma & Grandpa