Sunday, September 28, 2008


I've been battling insomnia for a little over a month off and on. It drives me crazy. I've not been able to figure out exactly what's going on...if it's stress, overactive mind, body pain I'm unaware of, the possibilities are almost endless. I did put in a call to an advise nurse who recommended I use Tylenol PM for a week to try to re-establish my sleep pattern and if that didn't work I should make an appointment to see a doctor (likely just to end up on a prescription I could become addicted to).

While up in Oregon, my Mom started me on Melatonin (which the body produces naturally but apparently loses the ability to produce effectively as we age -- correct me if I'm wrong on that Mom)...which has worked wonderfully for almost two weeks. But 3:12 this morning I am awake...with no going back to sleep...GRRRRRRRR

I suspect some of this morning's episode is due to end of the month tight finances but I thought Mark and I had worked it out before going to bed last night so I don't think that's a complete answer. I do have a job possibility that I haven't decided about...I've updated the ol' resume, written a cover letter, but haven't submitted it. With everything that's going on with the economy we're really feeling the pinch of my not working but I don't want to get a job just to cover the child care...what would be the point? With the older boys on tracks at school, it really makes the whole job idea almost unworkable...I mean Cam and Alex are basically going to be off from Thanksgiving till New Years! With Ian just going three afternoons a week on top of Robbie at home...I just don't see how it would work, even part-time.

So here I sit. I'm going to go make up a cup of herbal tea -- see if I can't find something completely mindless on TV -- maybe work on Alex's stocking for a bit -- no point in taking a Melatonin tablet and trying to go back bed at this stage as the boys will be up within two hours. AWWW another looooooong day ahead.

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Lynn said...

ahhh.. I feel your pain. Insomnia really stinks. I still get bouts with it about 2-3 nights a week for some strange reason. I should've gotten on. I was up around that time, lol.. even with the 3 hour difference.

I know how you are feeling about the money pinch right now. I'm feeling it also. I've been thinking about getting a part-time job just to make a few extra bucks. Its also a little easier for me since my kids are much, much older.

When the kids were younger (around your kids ages now) I worked a late night shift for the bank in its call center. The hours were from 7pm-3am. I would get home around 3:20am clean up the house a little. Get the kids lunches ready, sit and relax a little and then it was time for them to get up for school. I would take them to school and come home and then go to sleep until it was time to pick them up at 2:30-3:00pm getting about 6 hours of sleep. It was hard, but I was home with them after school and for dinner and of course here for them at breakfast and going to school.

Hope you can catch up on some zzzz's and get back to sleeping straight through the night.