Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pony Express Shootout

This morning the boys and I went out to the Henderson Saddle Association for cowboy demonstrations -- for lack of a better description.

We arrived in time for the K-9 demonstration by the Henderson Police Department. Love this shot with the dog in mid-air. His name was Apollo. He reminded me of our childhood Shepard, Caesar, who had been police trained as well. The boys were amazed at some of the things this dog could do.

Then we settled in to watch the shootout demonstrations. I had backed the van in so we could have the rear hatch open for a bit of it provided a good seat after the rail got too hot to hang on.

Once the shooting started tho' everyone dived into the back of the van LOL (Robbie's holding up two of his Pooh-Bears up so they could watch too.) We had front row seats, right on the side rail, and the horses were thundering by pretty close. We even got hit with dirt a couple times! The riders were shooting hand guns at balloons set up on a course of some sort though I couldn't see a pattern.

This guy was by far the best we saw. I love it when horse and rider move as one and this team had that. They were so fluid it was like poetry in motion. I think he had the best time as well. So many of the competitors looped, heck one just trotted, while this guy was at a gallop the entire run of the course...he also shot all the balloon targets.

We stayed for about an hour but the boys got hot and cranky so we left by about 11 am. It's hard to think fall when it's 90 + degrees out.

The boys, however, weren't ready to call it a day so we went over to a park for another hour before hunger drove us home for lunch. The park was crazy crowded with birthday parties today as well so that took some of the fun out of it for me. (I actually can't believe I got this picture without anyone else in the shot!)

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