Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Creative Movement

Once a month Ian's preschool will be doing a Creative Movement class.

On these days, we go to the school a bit early. The kids get about half an hour of group activity. Bending, stretching, and dancing to the music.

Then, the group is broken down into classes, Ian's being the largest because his teacher teaches both mornings and afternoons.

The class is free to all the students at the school but I was thrilled to see younger siblings...including Robbie...invited to participate as well. Ian felt like such a big boy today, his teacher had invited all the afternoon students to stay for a sack lunch after the Creative Movement, so I'd made him a lunch this morning along with Cam and Alex. He loved being able to put his lunch in his backpack. He'd started talking about the whole lunch thing after school Monday and didn't stop until that lunch was safely in his backpack LOL

Ian has also been practicing writing his name...looks like a capital 'I', a backwards 'a' that looks more like a 'p', and a lowercase 'n'...he's so proud of this accomplishment it's hard to be mad when he practices by writing on the walls! Three times yesterday I had to wash walls upstairs that he'd used as a chalk/dry erase board. Reminds me of a time Ryan drew/wrote something on a door...Debbie was so proud of what he'd done but not where he'd done it. How the heck do you punish the kid for that?

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