Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Preschool Orientation

Today was Ian's Preschool orientation at church.

So we went over to see his classroom and meet his teacher Mrs. Clausen. (They had enough enrollment that Ian is back on for the afternoon.) School starts Monday from 12:30 to 3 pm.

Ian was able to explore the classroom and play with a few potential new friends. Ian gravitated to the Play Dough, which Mom no longer allows in the house after all the stuff I've had to pick out of the carpet more times than I can remember, at first but than moved on to these beads and the "cooking" station.

After rounding the kids up for a quick snack, Mrs. Clausen had everyone sit for a story The Kissing Hand before we left. (And yes, that little red head sitting next to Ian is Robbie.)

Ian's class is still very small but there are still a number of tours scheduled for this week so Mrs. Clausen is sure it'll grow quickly to the maximum of 12 students. For now, Ian will benefit from the better one-on-one factor. I think we'll see some huge strides from this little guy this year!

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Lynn said...

Boy the summer sure does go by quickly doesn't it. I personally can't wait for school to start here in 2 weeks. That get's Joseph off the streets.
I think Tracy said Alley started today actually. I'll have to touch base with her to find out.
Take it easy. Enjoy the rest of your evening.