Friday, August 22, 2008


Today was Cam and Alex's school orientation. So much easier than the open house/orientation combo they did last year!

Cam knew who his teacher would be as soon as he found out he was in track 5 so it was a real brief visit to his class and meeting with Mr. Blume. We took all the supplies in...two bags so he wouldn't have to worry about it on Monday. We took away two folders of paperwork and forms to fill out!

Alex is in one of the portables this year which is just off the main playground and close to Cam's class. He didn't recognize any of his classmates names from Kinder so he may be making a whole new group of friends. We visited a bit with his teacher, Mrs. Manzo, and explored his classroom. We dropped off Alex's supplies as well as received a folder of info and forms for our trouble.

We are officially as set as we can be for Monday and three boys' first day of school.

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