Tuesday, August 19, 2008

For Julie, Pat, and Vern

His Shelter Covers Me

I stand facing the day
Without fear or doubt
Standing upon his promises
I know he’ll bring me out
No matter what the circumstance
Or hurdle that comes my way
I know within my heart
This too shall pass away
Cause no matter what the enemy plans
I’ll surely still be blessed
Cause one thing I know for sure
My Father don’t take no mess
So why worry bout my past wrongs
When Jesus has made it right
And just in case I stumble and fall
I walk by faith not sight
For the good shepherd leads me
Whenever I’m feeling weak
And just in case I stray sometimes
The shepherd knows this sheep
So I can embark faithfully
Bold, Strong and Free
Cause when I wake each blessed day
His Shelter covers me

Author: Stephanie Storey-Morant

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