Thursday, July 17, 2008

More scrappy fun...

Some more sketch challenges...I'm having a lot of fun pulling out some of these older photos and just working with them as is.

Getting started on the boys' sports albums. Cam and Alex picked the sketches, colors, and embellishments for each of their professional Baseball and Soccer pictures. Mark came up with the quotes on Cam's first and second year layouts. I think they did a darn good job.

Cam's T-ball

Cam's first year of Baseball
(The clear "ghost" stars on this layout are actually cut from a plastic cake that's recycling!)

Cam's second year of Baseball

Alex's T-ball

Cam's first year of Soccer

Cam's second year of Soccer

Alex's first year of Soccer

The plan is for each of these layouts to start the section for that season's pictures/layouts within the album. I'm hoping to get Cam and Alex enrolled in Fall Soccer this week/weekend so they can continue without too much of a lapse as we missed last fall with the move. Don't know about Spring Baseball yet though I'd love to see both continue with it as well.


marilyn said...

Love your layouts!

I admire your artistic ability and the ease with which you are able to put these pages together so nicely. You do a great job!

Question: 2 of the layouts don't enlarge when I click on them - Cam's first year of Baseball and Alex's T Ball. Is there something you are able to do internally to make that happen?

I'm so glad that you have this blog and are sharing your pictures and your thoughts through it. It makes your being away a little easier to deal with.

We love you all, and miss you alot.

Mom/Grandma & Dad/Grandpa

Charlene said...

Love the new scrappy sports section. I agree with your Mom - I can't open those pics either. Thought it was just me. Your layouts & color schemes are great. Great to be able to go back & see the kids in their "younger" years. Package mailed today - you should have on Monday,7/21.
Love you all,

Charlene said...

Thanks, Sherri. I don't know what you did, but now I can enlarge the two photos.