Monday, July 21, 2008


The boys had their first lessons today. Because of the way they have the times set up levels 1,2, and 3 are done at the same time. I was happy to see that they put the boys through a "test" to place them in the correct class.

I had no idea where Alex was going to fit because he'd refused to get in the pool when we had him signed up in St. Helens. I guess our little pool was a good investment because he was placed in level 2.

Cam had taken lessons in St. Helens and was placed in level 3. His instructor came up to me after class to let me know that there was very little he needed to teach Cam. Because we registered Cam in this same level for the second set of weeks, his instructor said they would test him for level 4...if Cam's ready they'll send him over to that class which is in another pool altogether.

I had high hopes for Ian as he had got to the point of putting his entire head under water in our pool. I think more for the comfort of the parents, the Parent and Me class was held in one of the swim lanes which was about 4 and a half feet deep...Ian couldn't touch bottom and flipped out! The class was half over before he settled enough to actually enjoy it. I'm going to stick this out with him because he really needs to get over this fear. I'm not sure what the criteria is to move on to level 1 which is held in the 2 and a half area of the pool. I'm hoping that he'll do better each day and that I can put him into a level 1 class when the next session opens up.

I'll be doing the Parent and Me class with Robbie starting on August 4th.

These are held at the Henderson Multigenerational Center which is a cool facility. I've told Mark we need to make a day of it over there and explore it. We could see a rock climbing wall, foosball tables, air hockey tables, table tennis, not to mention an art gallery of some sort all in the short walk from the front door to the lockers!

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