Thursday, December 6, 2007

Honor Student Assembly

This morning the school had an assembly for the honor students. I rushed to get there on time and arrived in time to hear that they would be calling the kids up in alphabetical, I didn't miss him.

But I guess I missed the part that they were going to start with the A-B honor students LOL I had a bit of a panic as they went from Martinez to Moore. Where the heck was Cam?

Well they finished the alphabet and asked for a round of applause for the A-B honor students...whoo

Then the A honor students...and sure enough there was Cam. I could tell he was looking out in the crowd trying to see if I was there...I was waving madly at him LOL but it wasn't until his group was almost done that he caught sight of me.

I took a bunch of pictures but none turned out. There were just too many people and too much distance for my little point-n-shot camera. Cam got an award and a certificate for Carl's Jr.

So proud of you Cam-man! Keep up the good work.


marilyn said...

Cam - That is Wonderful!!

We are SO Proud of you! We wish we could have been there, too. It's too bad Mom's pictures didn't turn out. Oh, well. We can picture the scene in our minds.

Keep up the good work. You have the ability to achieve your heart's desire.

Lots of love,
Grandpa & Grandma

Charlene said...

Wow, my special Cam-man that is FANTASTIC!!!

Congratulations. You should be
very proud & rightly so. Maybe Mom & Dad will frame it & you can hang it on your wall. Can't wait to tell Papa. Wish we could have been sitting in the audience.

If you work really hard maybe there will be another certificate at the end of the school year.

Love you a whole big bunch.
Nana & Papa

Lynn said...

Great Work CAM! That is awesome. Keep up the good work.

btw-thanks for stopping by my blog. It really cheered me up. Hope everything is well with you.
Have a great weekend.