Sunday, December 2, 2007

Random stuff

Saturday was a hit and miss kinda day. I'd posted a list of things the boys needed to do on Friday because the upstairs has progressively gotten worse and they don't seem to care. I gave them till Sunday night to do it...what wasn't done was going to Goodwill on Monday. Alex at least made a start on Friday night...that's my cleaner guy!

I've also told the boys to pick out some toys for donation because they've got too much and are about to get more and it's just the thing to do, we are in the season of giving after all. Cam was especially upset with me. We're ruining his life...said with so much drama I really think he needs to consider acting. Alex immediately found 3 matchbox type cars to donate...way to go Alex!

Mark inspected rooms yesterday and deemed them good enough that the boys could go out and play. (But they are by no means done LOL) Somehow that turned into a sleepover. I'll be real interested to find out how Alex managed his first sleepover.

I got out for a bit of me time yesterday afternoon/early evening. Mark even made cool is that!

Woke up at 2:30 this morning...not sure why. Robbie joined us in bed sometime after midnight but I'm used to a child arriving in bed at some point during the night. I tried going back to sleep but it was not to be. I hate insomnia!

So I got up made a cup of tea...working on a second cup now because I'm gonna need the caffeine to get through church LOL Spent some time going through some catalogs making lists of things I can't afraid to buy till after the new year. No matter how we budget, no matter how we plan...December is always tight, drives me crazy. Next year should be better because Mark will have worked the full year.

Actually turned on the heat for the first time this morning at 430 am LOL 58 inside the house was just a bit too cold for even this northerner's blood!

Decided to update the picture in the side bar...was hoping to find a picture from last year's tree but no dice...I can't believe I didn't get a tree picture! So last year's Santa picture will have to do till we get our tree for this year. I can't believe how much the boys have changed since this picture! Still have no idea what way we're going to go with the tree...real or artificial.

Church...we are going today if it kills me, which it just might as I've been up so stinking long and won't be able to nap till afterwards. Because Mark kept naysaying the ones I pointed out I made him choose where we're going so I have no idea if it's going to be Catholic or Lutheran but which ever it is we're going to the one church all month if we don't like it at that point we'll try another for a month and so on till we find a church home. I've been feeling the need for church...I think it would help with Cam's attitude which would trickle down and help with the other boys.

I'm loving being home with the boys...for the boys...but am also feeling the need to help out financially around here. I'm going to list some things on eBay...see how that goes, we did fairly well the last time we listed around the holidays. I'm also looking into something scrapbook sure where that's going to take me at this point but I'm hoping to have a meeting this coming week concerning one of the options I'm looking at.

Well, it's close enough to 6 that I can go take a shower. Happy Sunday!

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Emily said...

I hear you mom...I am the opposite right now....I go to bed and then lay there until 2 or 3 am! Wow! I'll send you Maicie and Santa if you want to post it for other family to see go right ahead, I am dummy when it comes to these things. Happy Holidays! Miss you guys! Em