Friday, July 15, 2011

Fantastic Food Friday: Cranberry Cooler

Many, many years ago, my sister and I were at T.G.I. Friday's (are there any still around?) for drinks and dinner. -- For those who know my sister, this was during her Fuzzy Navel period. I swear that was the only alcoholic beverage she drank. -- We were introduced to the most delicious cocktail, Cranberry Cooler. With this cocktail being a hit for both of us, we bought the ingredients and played with the formula until we came up with as close a facsimile as we could get.

Visiting with her this week reminds me of many good times and how much I miss seeing her on a regular basis. :raises glass: Cheers Sis. Love you!

Put ice in an old fashion glass. Add a shot (jigger) of Amaretto Liqueur. Fill to just shy of full with Cranberry Juice. Stir if desired. Top with a splash of Orange Juice. Enjoy.

If you want to be fancy, garnish with a thin slice of orange.

This is the perfect summer cocktail for a lazy evening. And hey, cranberry and orange juices are good for you ;)

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Fresh Garden said...

Wow! Wonderful!
Truly refreshing!!

Sherri said...

It is very refreshing, especially in the Vegas heat :)

Thanks for stopping by!