Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May Reading Summery

Total number of books read: 11

Monthly reading goals:

  1. 1 new-to-me author each month -- Carolyn McCray
  2. 4 genres/sub-genres each month (I'm adding to that at least one book a month must be non-fiction and/or writing related.) -- Non-Fiction (When Love Is Not Enough by Nancy L. Thomas), Paranormal Romance (Nice Girls Don't Date Dead Men (Jane Jameson, Book 2) by Molly Harper), Paranormal Historical Romance (Fated by Carolyn McCray), Historical Romance (Captive Spirit by Liz Fichera), Romantic Fantasy ( Dragon Actually (Dragon Kin, Book 1) by GA Aiken), and lots more of the same
  3. Alternate male and female authors (I will say at least one male author per month.) -- Failed again, which is kinda crazy as I have quite a few male authors on my TBR list
  4. Write a note to 1 author each month -- Wrote a review for Carolyn McCray


Nicole said...

Hey! I can look at your reading goals this month and actually have accomplished some of them! (new-to-me author, male author, mix of sub-genres... wow!)

I really like your idea of mixing up the reading every month, but I don't have the same focus on it...

Sherri said...

LOL, good for you Nicole.

I didn't mix it up as much as I'd like this month but I'm on track for my 100 so I'm a happy camper :)

Ciara said...

Wow, how do you do this. I MISS reading. I'm so busy writing I can't find the time. This is AWESOME and inspiring.

Sherri said...

LOL, I read pretty fast Ciara, even when I'm not reading every day.

Right now I'm working on revisions so I'm able to read (usually before bed). I don't read when I'm drafting so you'll see the book numbers drop probably over the summer when I start something new.

Plus I don't have deadlines other than what I put on myself :)