Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Report Cards and Grades, oh my

I don't have a WiP post for this week.  Haven't been cross-stitching and decided not to continue with the revision updates, ain't y'all lucky?  The revisions are going better since I took the pressure off myself of the weekly update, go figure.

So I'll plug in a little family update instead.

Report cards came in for Alex and Ian.  Both are doing well.

Alex is a strong A-B student, once again on A-B honor roll for the year.  He received A's in Math (very much his strongest subject), Writing, and Social Studies.  The B's were in Science and Reading.
Alex is an amazing student; he excels in science knowledge and multiplication facts. He has incredible illustrations to go along with his stories and books.

Ian received A's in Math, Science, and Social Studies; a B in Writing; and a C in Reading. His writing has improved so much over the course of the year! He still holds his pencil weird but his control, therefore his legibility, is 100% better than the start of the year. Reading continues to be a struggle. He's receiving an extra half hour of intervention a day. For me the joy is in watching him actually pull a book out and curl up in bed to read it. So while he still struggles he seems to be developing a joy in reading and that is more important to me than a score on a test!
Ian is a delightful little boy. I am very proud of Ian. He continues to blossom.

Grades for the third quarter are in for Cam.

It's no surprise that he received A's in Science and English. He has found a new love in science this year after a skill test said he'd be good at astronomy. I guess the Rocket Burger dream finally bit the dust. He received B's in everything else: Band, Reading, Math, and Computer.

He is now in a situation of having to select his electives for next year and is torn. He's been surprised at enjoying band yet it is far from his first love. His band teacher has recommended him to move up to the intermediate band, which is great because it means he's mastered the beginning band skills. We agreed he would apply for publications (working on the yearbook/newspaper) as a first choice, band second, and in a surprise move he selected working in the cafeteria third. 

And not to be left out -- I've filled out the registration for Robbie to start kindergarten in the fall.  Oh where, oh where has the time gone?


Maria Zannini said...

Whatever will you do with yourself once all the boys are in school? :)

Think of all the writing you'll get done!

Sherri said...

Enjoy the silence!!

Nicole said...

I dont have a WiP Weds post today either. Maybe it's Spring Fever?

marilyn said...

Thanks for the updates on the boys.

It's interesting to see their various interests and strengths coming out as they move on to higher levels.

We are impressed with what we are hearing.

keep up the good work boys.

We love you all,

Grandpa & Grandma.

Sherri said...

I like it Nicole! We'll blame it on Spring Fever!

Sherri said...

It's amazing, isn't it Mom? Same parents, four completely different kids.