Friday, February 4, 2011

Fantastic Food Friday: Monte Cristo

This is really just a stuffed French Toast. It makes the prefect Brunch or Dinner when you want something easy, or you just have leftover ham!

Swiss cheese
Apricot jam (we like the apricot-pineapple blend)
Sandwich bread

Build your sandwich with jam on one slice of bread and a slice of Swiss cheese on the other with the sliced ham in the middle.


Scramble up enough eggs for the amount of sandwiches you're making. I add to that 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla for every 4 eggs and a liberal dash (or two or three -- it's my favorite spice and I can sometimes go a little crazy) of nutmeg.

Dunk your sandwich into the egg mixture till sandwich is well coated. Grill up like you would French Toast till cheese is melted and ham warmed through.

Pair this up with a fruit salad and you have a satisfying meal.

Note:  We had this dish before details of the new dietary restrictions were known.  :head desk:  This dish was prepared with eggs and cheese (both on the limited list) and potato bread (on the restricted list) :sigh: We may not be having it again soon. 

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