Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Build It and They Will Come

Alex has been working on this city project with another student.  They make a good team, Alex being the city planner and the other student being the architect.

Their teacher was especially impressed that Alex thought to add parking!

And Alex's attention to detail thoroughly impressed his father!


marilyn said...

Alex, we are so proud of you! What a wonderful job you are doing on your project. We are VERY impressed.

Grandma & Grandpa

Charlene said...

Alex, This is fantastic! Looks like we have another budding artist/designer/exhibit builder in the family. How terrific is that. Keep up the good work. Oregon City has a new mall in the drawing stages. Maybe we should talk to them to see about using you for laying it all out. Remember where our Home Depot is? It will be next to that.
All Papa said after he saw the blog was "Wow - wow - wow" (I think he likes it).
Love you,
Nana & Papa