Wednesday, January 12, 2011

WiP Wednesday

Again, I've been concentrating on the angel's dress.  I got a bit tired of all the creamy whites so did a bit of the sparkly (which is okay on angels).

I didn't get much done this last week.  Mostly because I work on this during TV time and, well, I'm a mom and I don't get a lot of that, LOL

Cross-stitching goals for 2011
  1. Finish this angel
  2. Find and purchase a stocking pattern for Robbie -- I'm giving myself a due date of February 1st for this (Robbie has the choice down to three and he tells me he'll decide by his birthday.)
  3. Finish said stocking in time for Christmas -- which will likely move #1 down the line in priority
  4. And if, miracles of miracles, I finish both those projects to start on Mark's stocking -- which is purely selfish as it puts me that much closer to working on my stocking, LOL

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