Wednesday, January 5, 2011

WiP Wednesday

I haven't worked on this much since I last posted a picture but I'm plugging away at it.
I've been working in this area which is mostly white and cream that doesn't show up well on the overall picture against the creamy background.

Let's see, cross-stitching goals for 2011.
  1. Finish this angel
  2. Find and purchase a stocking pattern for Robbie -- I'm giving myself a due date of February 1st for this
  3. Finish said stocking in time for Christmas -- which will likely move #1 down the line in priority
  4. And if, miracles of miracles, I finish both those projects to start on Mark's stocking -- which is purely selfish as it puts me that much closer to working on my stocking, LOL


Maria Zannini said...

Have you ever wondered how many hours you've put into each stocking?

Sherri said...

Well, not really. I mostly cross-stitch while watching TV...which I don't get to do all that much with my crazy life.

Cam and Ian's stockings went faster than Alex's mainly because they were done on 14 count vs. 18 cloth which means larger stitches equaling fewer to complete the project.

Of course, now you have me wondering so maybe I'll try and time it while completing Robbie's.