Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fun Facts

Well, hello 2011

As per our New Year's tradition, we lined the boys up and measured them.

Cam grew a massive two inches in 2010.  Poor kid is hanging all his hopes of height on 'late blooming' and swears he's going to shoot up in his late teens to be the tallest of the boys.  Keep hoping kiddo.

Cam's waiting for the day he's taller than me but I still have seven inches on him, LOL

Alex grew two and a quarter inches, and at age 9 is the same height Cam was at age 10.  Currently, Alex is five inches shorter than Cam.

Ian grew an even two inches, and at age 7 is the same height at Cam was at age 7.  Only six inches between Ian and Alex right now. 

Robbie grew only one and three-quarter inches.  He's almost 5 so I'll use that age.  He's about half an inch taller than Ian and Cam at age 5, about three-quarters of an inch shorter than Alex at age 5, and currently sits at four inches shorter than Ian.

Dang, but they grow fast!!

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