Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Boxing Day

No, Boxing Day doesn't mean you put on a pair of gloves and go at it, LOL

According to Wikipedia there is no clear information on how and where it was started. I was once told it originated with the aristocrats, that on the day after Christmas, the well to do would re-gift things to the servants, etc. And in that spirit, we have a bag of things to drop off at Goodwill today.

Otherwise, I gotta say I feel a bit like Santa and am ready for a long winter's nap.

Oh, wait.

Kids, LOL


Anonymous said...

Really? I only assumed that it had something to do with boxing. Thats awesome that you guys took part in this Holiday and gave things to the Goodwill!

Lol, although I don't have kids, I have brothers and there is definitely no rest involved with them in the picture. Oh well, gotta love them anyways. lol!


Sherri said...

The things you learn, eh, Makayla? Hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday.