Wednesday, November 24, 2010

WiP Wednesday

Where's your novel at?

Day 17 -- Amazingly, I managed 2656 words today. Woot. Still behind but finding my groove again.

Day 18 -- Got 1746 words in a Dark & Early session plus 1544 off and on during the day. Only about 7000 words behind where I should be but doable if I can knock out 2200 words a day, every day, for the rest of the month...yeah, don't see that happening.

Day 19 -- Got 1571 words in a Dark & Early writing session.  Managed another 1168 words off and on during the day.  Thus, I'm currently sitting at 26,049 and should be at 31,667...oy!

Day 20 -- Knocked out another 2461 words today and am at 28,510 for a grand total.  I should be at 33,334 -- only 4824 behind, LOL, 794 a day closer to being on track.

Day 21 -- Wrote 972 words on the story and brainstormed with BFF for another 1563 words for a grand total of 31,045.  Still behind but the gap is closing.  Best of all, though, is that brainstorm session netted me a nice bit of tension :happy dancing:

Day 22 -- Worked on two of the tension scenes today but was only able to sketch them out, read dialogue, for 548 words gap is bigger again.

Day 23 -- Managed to get 1876 words today.  Grand total 33,469.  Suggested total 38,334.  I'm suppose to have 50,000 by midnight on the 30th  :whine:  that just a week away.

Why am I doing this again?


Charlene said...

You are doing this because you love writing. Don't go into it thinking that "you are so far behind, how will I get caught up" etc. Just sit down & put down your thoughts & the next thing you know you will be so wrapped up in the story that you will have accomplished 4,999 words. You can do this. You know you can. Now get to work!!

Sherri said...

LOL, thanks for the pep talk Mom!

I actually managed to get almost caught up yesterday, just a day behind now.

Nicole said...

Don't you do this because it's fun? That's why I tend to play along with NaNo...

Sherri said...

It's fun now that I finished, LOL

I was dying the last 3-4 days though Nicole and my fingers are but wee nubs!