Wednesday, August 4, 2010

WiP Wednesday

Working on Reese and Jace's story -- Let Me Be Your Prince --

July's writing goal was met last week.  I'm going to attempt another 15,000 words for August's goal.  I'm aiming for 485 words per day.
  • 7/28 = 79 words in edits
  • 7/29 = 469 words in edits to the 663 words I incorporated from June on Monday
  • 7/30 = 0 words, a bit of a lack of interest day
  • 7/31 = 435 words
  • 8/1 = 0 words
  • 8/2 = 0 words
  • 8/3 = 0 words...hmm, a bit of burn-out from July or just lack of interest?  I haven't opened the file since Saturday.


Jennifer Shirk said...

It's early in August yet. You'll get there. :)

Nicole said...

I'd say give yourself a bit of an allowed break so you can come back to the MSS with fresh eyes and a happy heart. Works for me, usually.

Sherri said...

LOL, thanks guys!

Makayla said...

Congratulations for meeting last months writing goals! I am sure you all will meet August's writing goals as well!