Wednesday, June 9, 2010

WiP Wednesday

Selkie characters STILL not co-operating. *throws file to the back of the hard drive* again!

SO now HowlWriMo's June writing goal is to re-work the characters from Novembers' NaNoWriMo story. Still not sure how to track this. flesh out Andrea and Colin from Myra's story into main characters and come up with a plot.

  • 6/4 = Andrea and Colin showed up with a bit of dialogue, thus the change in goal for the month -- 124 words toward plot, plus Andrea's internal conflict
  • 6/5 = 1457 words toward plot, plus the external goal for Colin and maybe Andrea
  • 6/6 = Chatted with BFF about goals, motivations, and conflicts
  • 6/7 = A couple more scene ideas but no words written down toward plot
  • 6/8 = Waiting on an Amazon order of Tarot for Writers and Celtic Tarot Cards

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