Monday, June 7, 2010

Moving Again Monday

June's Challenge: I'm going to get back into a walking schedule. To make this measurable and accountable, I'm going to say 30 minutes three times a week (Monday to Sunday for tracking purposes). I'll post updates on Mondays...that way if I fall off the proverbial wagon you all can get on my case...lovingly *g*

So I went out on a test walk Saturday (May 28) morning. At my normal pace the circuit took 25 minutes. Because I'm aiming for 30 minutes, I'll have to increase the route. Must say it was rather sad to note on that walk that 1 in every 5 houses was either vacant, for sale/rent, or in foreclosure.

  • 5/31 = 35 minutes
  • 6/1 = 0 minutes
  • 6/2 = 35 minutes -- note to self: do not walk on Wednesdays and Saturdays, garbage days...eew!
  • 6/3 = 30 minutes
  • 6/4 = *whine* wanted to walk but woke up with some swelling in my damaged knee -- I'll see how it looks/feels on Sunday
  • 6/5 = 0 minutes
  • 6/6 = 40 minutes -- LOL, started 'feeling' it with that added 10 minutes so may update my goal to 40 minutes 
A total of four days during week one, a little over two and a quarter hours of walking. Not a bad first week.

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