Friday, June 4, 2010

MayNoWriMo Results

I listed my goal as a minimum of one page (which works out to be about 250 words for me) per day, meaning approximately 7750 words on the story I wanted to complete.

Well, if you were following me last month you will know I blew that measly 7750 words out of the proverbial water. I ended up netting 15,252 words on my project plus one page of notes (233 words) toward revisions.

It was a stretch in the end. I started the month thinking I was over 30,000 words away from where I wanted to end this draft. What do you know, it was only half that! *g* Yes, I can finally say this first draft is done. Squeal! There's a boat load of revisions still to be done but I expected that.

MayNoWriMo was such a success, the members of the group wanted to continue, thus the creating of HowlWriMo. So, June writing goal...hmm... Myra's story is done and I need to let 'cure' a wee bit before I tackle revisions. I have my Selkie story from November's NaNoWriMo. I don't like the heroine as she currently is in that work and the Selkie character could use a bit of work too. So, I guess I'll make fully developing those characters my June goal. Now to figure how to track that...hmm.

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